About Law Chamber Mangalore

Established in 2002, Law Chamber Mangalore has been one of the leading legal practitioners and advisors in the Mangalore region and neighboring communities for over a couple of decades.

We know the law of the land, as well as the ins and outs, like the back of our hands. No matter if it is a criminal offence, commercial law, corporate advise, property dispute, marital conflict or notary services, we take care of a wide variety of legal matters with unmatched aplomb. Our lawyers know what it takes to win a case and will not settle for an iota less than what you truly deserve.

At Law Chamber Mangalore, we believe that everyone is entitled to justice and our ultimate objective is to ensure that justice is served right at the end.

Our Team

Hire the very best to represent you! Your search for the most competent lawyers in Mangalore ends at Law Chamber.

A.C. Vinayaraj B.A., LL.B.

Mr. Vinaya Raj is an alumnus of the prestigious Vivekananda Law College, Bangalore and is a quite familiar figure in the High Court of Karnataka and the district courts of Mangalore & Udupi having been the central character in many noteworthy legal battles for the past two decades. Recognized among the most successful and innovative lawyers in the state of Karnataka, Mr. Vinaya handles a wide array of cases ranging from criminal defense to personal injury, class actions, liability suits, defamation charges and business litigation.

A.C. Kishor Kumar B.A., LL.B

Mr Kishor Kumar graduated from SDM Law College Mangalore and has been a practising lawyer for over 22 years. He has made a lasting impression in the law circles with his intelligent and powerful defending in a courtroom battle. He is known for his shrewd understanding of courtroom strategy when it comes to litigation, thus leveraging the clients' position to maximum effect towards achieving favorable results. Well-articulate, composed and focused to the core, Mr Kishore's poised assurance and creative instincts have garnered wide applause.

Why Choose Us?

Detail Oriented

The lawyers at Law Chamber Mangalore pride themselves in ensuring that every minute details go in the preparation and analysis of your case file to ensure that your rights are protected to the best possible extent. We put in a great deal of effort and time in studying every case to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.


Track record is one of the most vital aspects when it comes to the law business and we are proud to maintain an envious one. Our attorneys are recognized by their peers as competent, innovative and thorough. What's more, there are numerous clients who would not hesitate to refer to us as with the tag of the Best Lawyers in Mangalore.


We are committed to provide you the best possible support every step of the way - both in and out of the court rooms. At Law Chamber Mangalore, we believe in the principle of client comes first. That means we go above-and-beyond the line of duty to protect the interest of our clients.

Result Driven

The merit of a trial is often measured by its final outcome - whether it resulted in success or failure. At the end of the day, what counts the most is a result in favor. Law Chamber Mangalore thoroughly understands this perspective from the client side and this result-driven methodology helps us in resolving the cases in your favor.

Risk Assessment

Let's be honest, every legal action - from minuscule proposal to full-blown lawsuits - there's always a certain amount of risk involved. To disregard that risk factor is a huge disservice to the clients. We treat this as an utmost necessity to brief the clients about potential risks before agreeing to represent.


We ensure that all financial details pertaining to the case are clearly conveyed before we move forward with any representation. Our goal is to give you an holistic picture upfront to make an informed decision on your behalf. Clarity, integrity and fairness are some of the values that are at the core of our hearts.