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A.C. Vinayaraj B.A., LL.B.

Recognized among the most successful and innovative lawyers in the state of Karnataka, Mr. Vinaya Raj handles a wide array of cases – ranging from criminal defense to personal injury, class actions, liability suits, defamation charges and business litigation.

He has achieved outstanding results in the courtroom over the span of his career. His creative arguments and out of the box thinking resulted in favorable outcomes in a number of the high-profile cases. With a vast clientele from all walks of life, both individuals as well as corporate houses, Mr. Vinaya Raj is well-known for his aggressive, smart and creative arguments to turn the tides in his clients’ favor.

Partner - Law Chamber Mangalore

A.C. Kishor Kumar B.A., LL.B

An alumnus of the prestigious SDM Law College Mangalore, he is known for his shrewd understanding of courtroom strategy when it comes to litigation, thus leveraging the clients’ position to maximum effect towards achieving favorable results.

Well-articulate, composed and focused to the core, Mr Kishor’s poised assurance and creative instincts have garnered applause not only from the clients, but also from the opposition benches. His uncanny ability to exploit legal loopholes in oppositions’ arguments coupled with his unmatched legal advocacy skills make him a bankable prospect to force the desired outcome.

Our Services

Criminal Law

Criminal charges can wreak havoc on the life of any individual. If you find yourself tangled in it let us take the fight on your behalf and restore your dignity.

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Family Law

Come to us and we'll help you navigate the legal system and pave way to obtain a beneficial outcome for your family in all kinds of family disputes.

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Commercial Law

We offers legal services on the entire spectrum of business cycle - right from entity inception to general corporate affairs, disputes and regulatory compliances.

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Legal drafting

Irrespective of the type, complexity or criticality of the drafting you need, you can reach out to us to get things sorted out in the right way.

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Property Law

We have years of experience in a range of legal matters involving illegal possession, ancestral property settlement, builder delay and property disputes.

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Accident Claims

Right from reimbursing medical costs to lost income, disabilities, sufferings, mental trauma and insurance claims - we handle it all.

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